Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Focus: Merida

My Merida is so deliciously chubby and squishy.  She has the best cheeks ever.  Almost everyone who comes into my house comments on how great they are.  I pick her up and nom nom on her cheeks and snuffle her neck an awful lot.  Just looking at her commands it.  Moral imperative.

Occasionally I have trouble finding cute pictures that are recent and correspond with what I'm saying for posts.  Not the case here- I have a bunch, but her family would prefer I not put pictures up.  I absolutely, always, follow those guidelines, so no pictures.  You'll just have to imagine the fabulous, roly poly, starting to be maybe a redhead, smily cheeky monkey.

She's pretty amazing on motor skills- I think being a third child ensures those skills are never just average.  All my youngest babies have either been way ahead of schedule because they're trying to keep up with their older sibs, or else they're a little late on milestones and don't care at all because there are so many people around to do things for them.  :)  Merida falls into the "fiercely independent and I WILL do it myself" category.  I took these pictures three weeks ago, when she was just over four months old.  We were sitting on the couch while she ate.  I put her down on the rug to look at the fan and I went to the kitchen to put the bottle away.  I was gone less than a minute probably.  Here's what I came back to:

Look, no baby on the rug!  And it's a big rug too.  I was quite impressed with a barely four month old rolling so far and so fast.  So where did she go?

Here's where I wish I knew about photoshop and picture editing so I could put a big arrow pointing at her toes.  Can you see her feet?  They're up in the air, right in the tiny space between the two car seats in the middle of the picture.  She rolled at least six feet.  Strong girl!!

She's my youngest until September, but I have a feeling she won't be my baby for very long.  Miss Merida is a force to be reckoned with.  So much fun!

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