Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Hate It When That Happens

I wrote a long cute post updating all kinds of things and catching up on this and that.  I hit publish and it disappeared into the blogging mist, never to be seen again.  Now, not only can I not remember everything I said, but I feel like I already said it.  I keep having to go back to previous posts to see what I actually have published and what I don't.  Very annoying.

Thing the First:
Mater and Lady have graduated over to Ms. Kathy and are doing well from all reports.  I knew they would.  Transition time is inevitable, of course, but they were ready and once they get used to new routines they will be really happy, having more big kids to play with.  I made them slideshows, which are stuck in limbo in my computer.  At least they haven't disappeared, but I can't get them to burn to disc or publish.  Hopefully I can do both those things at some point.

Thing the Second:
Alice, Remy, Perdita and I have started The Three Bears curriculum through Read It Once Again.  They're glad to be back to reading and painting.  It's a good, fluid routine to our days.  Not always the same stuff, but enough consistency and predictability that it works for everybody.  Merryweather and Merida are sometimes awake in the mornings to read with us too, which is always fun. 

Thing the Third:
My fall spot is filled!  I'm excited about this family- they were the kind that I'd have felt sad if I didn't get them.  Remy will be going to Ms. Kathy in the fall and then this new little girl will come in.  I'll have all girls at that point!  Strange.  That hasn't happened in awhile. 

Thing the Fourth:
I know I've been awful about keeping up with Friday Focus, and probably nobody but me even notices, but now that Ms. Mimmie dances with the big kids on Friday mornings, I'm hoping to make that a blogging time if the merrybabies cooperate.  :)  Usually that is naptime for at least one if not both of them, but they aren't on a strict schedule and sometimes have other plans for me during that time. 

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