Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Kids 5 And Under

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it would be like to have a big family. That's something I do on a regular basis, actually, but it's easier to visualize right now. Generally I've got a cluster of kids that are all pretty close to the same age. When we take the quad stroller and go walking, it's obvious to anybody paying attention that there is no way these kids could all be mine. Oh look! Four babies all around the same age-ish and then two more who just learned to walk! Not physically possible, not to mention one is Asian, two have red hair... whatever.

However, right now I've got two sibling groups who dovetail into each other, and then two infants. Today we went walking and I had Aurora, my Friday girlie who still needs a good Disney name, O'Malley, and Sebastian in the quad, and Duchess and Ariel walking. A man and his dog stopped to talk to us and made the predictable comments about my hands being full, just seeing the big kids who were petting his dog. Then he walked on by and saw the girls in the back of the stroller and just stopped in his tracks and goes, "HOLY CHRISTMAS!"

And I realized that for the first time in awhile, ALL the kids could conceivably be mine, biologically. The four bigger kids are all about 15-16 months apart, and Aurora and {help me think of a name for this new baby} are 6 weeks apart but look like they could very easily be twins.

5 1/2, almost 4 1/2, 3, almost 2, and 6 month old twins.

Good grief. This could be real.

I did tell him that most of them are my day job and only 2 belong to me. I have a feeling I'm going to want to start claiming them all though, just to see what people say to me. :)


Dedra said...

Minni because she is:)

Dedra said...

I meant Minnie

Mary Beth said...

I think Minnie is a good name, why can't you just call her Girl Friday - I know it isn't Disney, but if she comes on could call her that for now. Say - do you think you may have space on a Friday for Coby here and there so I can get big kid time with G and J over the summer or perhaps Monday or Wednesday?

GodwinFamily said...

I think new baby looks like Sleeping Beauty.

Daycare Girl said...

oh, I like Girl Friday. That's cute.

I can't call her Sleeping Beauty because that's Aurora.

And I meant to say, the only reason this post worked was because Simba was out that day. :) Usually Aurora and Simba are the two babies and they don't so much look like twins.