Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space Work!

We have been having such a great time with the space theme this month. The kids are learning the names of all the planets, which ones are hot and which ones are cold, rotation and revolution around the sun, lunar cycles and phases of the moon... it's amazing. This is stuff I had mostly forgotten about from school and I'm relearning as much as they are, I think.

Did you know spiders went up in space? Yesterday was spider day- apparently back in the dawn of space travel they took different things up with them to see how gravity affected them. We wanted to see if spiders could still spin webs in zero gravity. They can. Arabella, the first spider in space, spun a web in two days. :)

Today we talked about how the astronauts had to develop special food to eat in space because gravity is what keeps your food on your fork! We pretended to catch food in the air as it floated around, and then we made space pudding.

Two tablespoons of vanilla pudding mix, four tablespoons of milk, zip it up in a bag, and smoosh it around until you've got pudding. You can't open the bag, because all the pudding will float out and get in your hair.... so we snipped a little hole in the corner and they sucked it out. So much fun.

Duchess and O'Malley LOVED it, Sebastian made the pudding and ate a few bites and then said it was yucky and needed to wash his hands, and Ariel refused to do it and ended up opening her bag and pouring the pudding all over her chair. Would not taste it either. But oh well. Most people had fun.

Duchess asked, "How come Ariel never wants to even try anything GOOD and only eats yucky stuff like green beans?" :) She does like her veggies, which I think is funny. Pudding? Cake? Cookies? No way. She wants peas and corn and green beans.

You can't make me eat the pudding. Not gonna happen.

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