Sunday, March 8, 2009

Always Fun...

It never gets old for me to watch a baby falling asleep in his lunch. I love it every single time. Simba gets tired about 20 minutes before lunch is ready, but he's eating so much big boy food now that I hate to put him down without letting him eat what the other kids are going to have. He ends up dozing in his food on a semi-regular basis. It makes me happy. He's so cute.

Every kid I put in the jumperoo falls asleep in it at least once. O'Malley and ... (what did I used to call the baby I had last year... I can't remember his Disney name...) anyway, both of them used to keep jumping in their sleep. Girl Friday doesn't do that- once she falls asleep, she is OUT.

Oh! I remember now- Eeyore. That's what I called him. This one:

He'll be 2 next month- I bet he looks SO different. He probably has some more hair now. :) It always cracks me up when I haven't seen a kid in awhile and they've gotten tons of hair. It looks like they're wearing wigs.

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