Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day to Day Life

Lots of fun and interesting things going on around here lately. Mammal study continues through the end of the month and we're all having a really good time with it. Today is beaver day. Some tiny part of my 12-year-old brain giggles internally every time one of the kids yells, "DAM!" But we watched some beavers on youtube build one. :) We also got into a spirited discussion during breakfast about which of the Backyardigans were mammals. I love that the older ones are really starting to think about it and reason it out. "Austin kangaroo. He have fur. He have backbone. Him MAMMAL!!!" "Pablo... penguin... bird? Not mammal?" Tyrone and Tasha they couldn't place, but once I said moose and hippo they identified them as mammals as well. And then there's Uniqua. No clue on that girl. I guess it doesn't really matter.

I've decided to call my new girlie and her big sister after some of the fairies in the Tinkerbell movie. I'm running out of movies, but I figure I can get around my own rules if I say that Tinkerbell is from Peter Pan, and these new fairies are from Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. So. Now we have Clarion and Silvermist, for no other reason than I think those names are the prettiest from the movie. I don't have any pictures of Clarion~ she isn't around much but I wanted to have a name for her just in case I need it this summer. Silvermist had her best day ever today. It's taken her a little bit longer to get used to the semi-chaos of group care since she didn't start as an infant. Now she's smiling and talking up a storm and having a good time.

She decided peas were beneath her but she had a great time squishing them during lunch today.

I'm having a wonderful time with the 8 week old. We haven't had one start that young since Aurora last year. My husband laughs at me. He'll call and he can tell by my voice that I'm holding the tiny one. There's nothing like that newborn smell. I get all sappy. And just because he's so tiny and it makes me laugh, he's Hercules.


I know he won't always be so small, but he is definitely Hercules the mighty, regardless.


Shoeaddict said...

What were the naming rules?
Oh how I love that teeny-babyness. Sugar is only 4 months but NOT a newborn anymore and it's saaaad :(

Daycare Girl said...

I don't like to duplicate movies, and I like to keep siblings in the same movie, and I don't use villain names or any character that is mean.

I'm going to have to start duplicating movies before too long though, since I'm running out, but at least the next girl could be Tiana from Princess and the Frog. :)