Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Focus- Sully

James P. Sullivan, to be exact. :) Small brother of Boo, fabulous dark hair and blue eyes, happy sunny boy. I keep thinking he's older than he is, because he's been walking for weeks now and just motors around happily.

A lot of the kids decide that one of us is their primary caregiver. Sometimes it happens from day one and sometimes it's an all-of-a-sudden thing. We were starting to notice that Sully was definitely becoming one of Kanga's people. He tolerated me okay and let me feed him and talk to him, but he watched her the whole time and she was always having to be really careful stepping backwards because he was usually standing right.there.behind.her so he could love her more closely.

Then he decided he just really doesn't like me much right now. Kanga is his one true love. She would tell him, "Honey, I love you, but we're not exclusive, and right now I'm on a date with Tinkerbell... she's hungry too..." Having me fix his problems doesn't really fix it, because it's me. He wants her. :)

He was very angry the other day because she was attending to one of the others, and SO relieved when he got to leap into her arms.

She snuggled with him for awhile, and then pregnant lady had to pee. And I had to hold him for a minute. And he wasn't quite so happy in my arms.

Sometimes if she is nowhere in sight he will let me hold him. But definitely he will NOT leave Kanga and come to me happily. He is hers. :)

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