Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Focus- O'Malley

My O'Malley. Love that boy. He cracks me up every single day. He's still got the invisible dogs and cats, and we're currently planning a dog party for his fourth birthday. He is full of grand and glorious ideas involving making his friends eat out of doggy bowls with no hands, and wearing puppy ears and crawling around. Can't wait to take video of all this canine goodness.

The invisible dogs do funny things. The other day we were grocery shopping and all of a sudden he hisses, "get back here!" and holds out his hand. I asked him who he was talking to and he said, "One of my dogs! Do you SEE him? He jumped onto that man's hat! So rude!" Walking a few yards in front of us was a guy wearing a beanie. I guess the dog thought it would make a good bed. I'm just glad he didn't make enough noise about it to alert the guy to the fact that he had imaginary dogs hanging out on his head.

Another time my mom took him out for ice cream and driving home he started yelling about how the dogs had gotten left behind and were running behind the car. So she rolled down the window and told him to call the dogs so they could jump into his hand. He caught them and was perfectly happy. My mom thinks on her feet, let me tell you what.

Besides all the imaginary animal friends, he has "mans". Not men. Mans. My hubby keeps telling me I need to write down everything that the mans do because I could write some best-selling kids' series about them. There used to be twelve of them, but now there are just eleven. One got killed by a battle droid. They don't live here with us- they have their own place which is near Aurora's house. O'Malley can give you directions on exactly how to get there. Sometimes they do spend the night here, or else they go and visit Chip and Belle. Oh, and they fly. They have jet packs that they bought at Target. They are great cooks and a lot of times they have the same food for dinner that I'm cooking. Other times he'll tell me that the mans don't like that food and so they're having sunbutter and jelly. Also, they are nocturnal. They like to sleep during the day and then they stay up all night playing Wii. And he informed me today that one of them is a marsupial and has a pocket in his belly like a kangaroo. There's really just no end to the things the mans can do, and he makes up new scenarios on the spot whenever you ask them what they're up to. I love it.

He's doing really well with spelling and beginning to sound out words. I wish he was a bit more interested in it though- when Duchess was his age she couldn't get enough and we would spend all of naptime working on reading and writing. He couldn't care less. He will not practice writing at ALL. Oh well. We still have awhile before it's a problem. :) At least I know he's above average in the creativity department.

Working with moon sand to tie in to S is for Sandbox in our letters book.

Obviously the mans are not the only ones who enjoy sunbutter and jelly.

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GodwinFamily said...

He is SO Adorable!!! I can't get Sebastian to practice writing either. I have learned that essentially they are supposed to enter knowing how to write. Guess he will be "behind". When I was a kid, that was the purpose of kindergarten - to learn to write!