Thursday, May 12, 2011

All In My Head

I have written so many witty and cute blog posts lately. In my head. Too bad I haven't gotten over here to actually type them. I'll see if I can get something besides the Friday Focus done each week. Not to mention I've been backdating those as well. Need to catch up!

We celebrated Songkran back in April and it was lots of fun. I did put the pictures on our facebook page but I haven't done any discussing. Besides the fact that playing in water is super cool, I really enjoyed learning a bit about traditional Thai customs from Kanga.

Oh! One of our favorite books right now is Llama Llama Red Pajama and we read it at least four times a week. Right now it's the featured book at Kohl's, so you can get it, another Llama Llama book, or a stuffed llama for only five bucks. I'll probably be heading over this week to pick up a few for my birthday present stash- I recommend you all get one for your kiddo if you don't already own them- Anna Dewdney is a genius and the stories are awesome.

Anyway. I do have fun posts on individual kids rattling around in my brain- they've done some crazy hilarious things lately. Off to download pictures and see what I can done while lunch cooks. :)

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