Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday Focus- Bianca

Bianca is really talking up a storm lately. Some of the things she says might be a coincidence, but they are AWESOME conversation starters that make me fall down laughing. The other day my dad brought in the mail and my Entertainment Weekly magazine had come. I could tell there were two people on the cover but couldn't see them so I asked him who they were. He is highly silly on a regular basis and goes, "Oh, you know, it's those Breaking Wind people." (Bella and Edward from Breaking Dawn, of course.) And just at that point Bianca pipes up and says, "OH! You make poopy?" I can't be sure if she was just asking a random question or if they call it that at her house and I keep forgetting to ask. But it made me laugh for a very long time.

She had a lovely time hunting for eggs during our annual event.

There's always somebody who is not happy about playing in water. It's not usually the same person twice- just a stage they happen to be in on that day, and I can't generally predict who it will be. I just know that at least one kid is going to be a little sad and uneasy about the water every single time we play in it. During Songkran it was Bianca. She had a super cute new swimsuit bought just for the occasion and she could not have been less interested in being wet. :)

She's in a very snuggly mood most days. When she first gets here in the morning she usually runs at me full speed so I can pick her up and she can bury her head in my shoulder for a minute. She does it at various times during the day too- I see her coming from across the room and if I don't brace myself we knock each other over. If I don't see her coming it's even worse- she'll sneak attack me from behind and I'm slammed into the kitchen counter with her face smashed into my side.
Sometimes she starts out by asking, "What happen dis?"

And I smile and say " I don't know Bianca, what happened with this?" and she throws her head back and laughs and yells "I WUV WOO" and bodyslams me for a hug.

She is also a killer dancer. I only caught the tail end of this one, but it's still fun. Lots of jumping with wild abandon.

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