Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Focus- Hercules

Hercules is pretty much nonstop motion these days. He and Tigger like to get into lots of trouble together. They're both in a stage that we call "more skill than sense". They CAN do it, and it doesn't yet occur to them that they SHOULDN'T do it. They're constantly reaching up on counters and tables and pulling stuff that they can barely see down onto their heads. Everything goes in their mouths. Well, except lunch. He's not so much excited about eating actual food lately. He likes to practice with the spoon, but most meals he's not interested in eating by himself or in having me feed him- he's far too cool for that. :)

He's so fair that I rubbed lots of sunscreen all over his head when we celebrated Songkran, and amused myself greatly creating mohawks and fabulous hairstyles. Hercules was less amused.

He very much enjoys being the big boy and likes to help with the babies. He actually did a pretty good job helping to feed Lady the other day, as long as I was right there to supervise. :) He does still try to steal a swig out of the bottles now and then when he comes across one, even though he hasn't had a bottle here in about six months. It's all about taking opportunities when you find them!

Huh? What are you looking at?

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