Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Focus: Mater

This age is just so much fun. Mater is pulling up on everything, and aside from the occasional bump or bruise, he's having a great time. He's starting to get really interested in everything the big kids do- he really wanted to make an animal collage. Real bad. :) We kept having to move the sticker pile to the opposite end of the table, and he just followed it back and forth.

He and Lady are also enjoying some table food. Usually at breakfast we give them something to do while everybody eats. Mater doesn't generally get a whole lot in his mouth, but he's getting better and loves the attempt. Lady is a little more aggressive with it- if we don't put her in a chair first she's a cereal thief. Luckily I have enough rice krispies to go around.

He doesn't really like to be still long enough to finish a bottle. If we try to hold him he squirms to get down, and if we lie him down he just flips it over his head and goes on the prowl. He's at the perfect height to chew on the windowsills and the entertainment center. So confinement is the best option- that way he's forced to stay and eat. :) Like this:

However, on this occasion, he either dropped the bottle or threw it. I'm not sure which. And that angered him. He was a man on a mission- gotta get that snack back!!

It was really fun to sit there and watch him problem solve. He kept giving me this look- aren't you going to HELP ME?!?! But he wasn't upset, and I wanted to see what he would do next. Sure enough, he leaned down far enough to grab it.

And then I helped him. :) He was so happy to have gotten it, and he would giggle when I said, "Mater! You big boy you got it!" but in between he was telling me "don't you see me using my head as a third hand? I am stuck now... please help..." So then he was perfectly happy and finished his food.

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