Monday, June 11, 2012

My Daddy Dressed Me

I love dads who get involved.  There's something about a cute little girl and a daddy that is just awesome.  But baby girl clothes are so foreign to daddies.  One of the first girls I ever took care of is now about to finish fifth grade- her dad told me, "I knew I was in trouble when her mother told me I put her socks on the wrong feet.  Boy socks don't matter!"  And it's so true- girl socks have the cutesy little bows and ribbons and you're supposed to put them on the outside ankle, not the inside.  Hair is complicated, and clothes?  Forget it.  Men always think that a shirt should button up the front.  You never see any guy clothes that button up the back.  We get little girls coming in on a fairly regular basis with their clothes on backwards. It's immediately obvious to us and it's hilarious.  Or else they do things like put on a zip-up hoodie and track pants with no shirt underneath, so when you unzip you've got bare chest.    I love daddies who try.  I don't mean to mock them.  But it's still funny.

This whole episode made me laugh, partly because Lady was so angry for no good reason.  After all, her clothes were on properly.  :)  I was trying to take pictures of Perdita, who happened to be our backwards girlie.

 I'm happy!  But my dress is on backwards!

 No Lady, please scoot over so I can take a picture of Perdita's back.  You're in the way, sweetie!

 There, see.  It's backwards.  Want me to take a picture of you now, Lady?

 Oh wait.... apparently I offended you deeply.  My apologies.....

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Shoeaddict said...

AW! So cute! L thinks that all bottoms go with all tops. And he always wants to dig in the "doesn't fit" pile!