Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

It has been way too long since I posted.  I've got three Friday Focus posts in draft that I haven't quite finished.  We got a new little boy who started the first week of June and is only here for the summer, and I haven't even mentioned him.  Alice is talking.  Perdita is walking.  Roo is potty trained.  It's ridiculous, all the monumental occasions that are passing us by without being documented.

I still want to go back and do all that, but my good intentions fall by the wayside every now and then.  So here are a few quick shots:

 Here is cutie pie Summer Boy.

 We're working on The Little Engine That Could for our "read it once again" program and pretty much everyone is big enough to color now.  Alice, Mater, and Lady are especially pleased to sit at the table with the bigger kids!

Perdita thinks my kids are hilarious and they chase her around and make her laugh so hard she falls down.

Summer is flying by- come schooltime O'Malley will be going off to kindergarten and Duchess will be in fourth grade.  Aurora's new baby sibling is slated to be arriving sometime this fall, and we've still got a slot available.  Give us a call if you need childcare!  :)

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