Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Focus: Tigger

Tigger has turned two with a vengeance.  He's at that age where you want to squeeze his fat cheeks and love him and he pats your face and tells you he loves you.  He's obsessed with squirrels and chases after them like they're exotic, never-before-seen creatures.  He plays with trains and makes sound effects and shows you fun insights into his mind.  He's got large chunks of his favorite books memorized and will sit for a quite a while pointing and telling you what will happen next.  He's a doll.

He's also at that age where the pictures of him are cuter than the reality.  The reality is a snot-laden, pouty, defiant mess.  He lies on the floor and screams for no reason.  He sticks so close to Kanga that she can do nothing alone, and yet he still manages to run away when she calls him to come do something.  He jumps off furniture constantly, antagonizes Roo and his friends, and has smashed his mouth so it bled four times in the past two days. He's a beast.

Basically his day goes dollbeastdollbeastdolldollbeastbeast until your head spins and you never know what is coming next.  The highs are so high, and the lows are so very low.  Welcome to the downward spiral into "two and a half".   This is pretty standard, and it's this age where I've heard parents say they must be failing at their jobs because the kid used to mind and now he doesn't.  It's just the age.  Tigger will be all doll again soon.  :)  I'm not always this candid about behavior on the blog, but he is Kanga's and I love him like my own.  I'm not saying anything we haven't discussed at length, and we take turns talking him off the ledge when he gets into a mood.  In fact, there are times where he listens to me so much better than he does to his mother that I have to talk HER off the ledge.  Also normal.

You'd never think he misbehaved, ever, judging by this wide-eyed goodness:

Take my picture, Auntie, he yells as he RUNS at me.  This is what I got by the time the camera clicked, and I actually like it a lot.

Water fun during Songkran.  Love to squeeze the fat doll baby...

Suspicious beast...

I have no idea what you're talking about.  I'm just sitting here eating my pizza nicely.

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