Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daycare Nightmare

I don't know why I had a nightmare about the job last night- I almost never do. Nothing like waking up in a cold sweat afraid for other people's kids. It's almost more terrifying than thinking about something happening to my own. The sense of responsibility and knowing how parents would feel- yuck. Makes me want to throw up.

So in the dream, it was a normal morning, kids were showing up, and I was making breakfast. My sister came to visit with her four kids, it was the first day for the new baby who actually is starting next week, pretty much every drop-in or part-time I've ever taken was here.... BUSY. I looked up and counted heads and realized I had 15 kids running around. How did that happen? Way too many, over ratio, how will I feed them, etc...

Then the doorbell rang. And I just knew it was the state coming for my surprise inspection and I would get in trouble for having so many extra kids. So I told my mom, who was also here, and my sister to take her kids away, quickly. I answered the door and it was somebody trying to sell me curriculum, but she'd set it all up in my front yard with big colorful backdrops and wouldn't take no for an answer and it took forever to deal with her.

I got back inside to find that ALL the kids were gone, not just my niece and nephews, and I didn't know where they'd taken them. My mom called after awhile and said they went to vacation bible school and would be back soon. Turns out it was three hours away and nobody got home until 8pm. I was sitting there all day freaking out about where the kids were and if they were safe and how angry all the parents were going to be that I just let them go off someplace. The family of my new baby came to pick up and fired me on the spot. People were yelling at me right and left.

Luckily, all the kids actually were safe and made it home okay at the end of the dream. But still. What is up with that?

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