Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Say What You Mean

O'Malley: Mo kah-kah!
Me: You need some more crackers, O'Malley?
O: (shaking his head no firmly with a big smile) NO!
Me: Okay. You mean yes.
(I pour him more. He starts to eat.)
Snow White: He say no. Why you give him more?
Me: Well, he doesn't understand sometimes which word to use. He means yes.
Snow: But he say no. He shake his head like THIS. NO!
Me: I know. He's confused.
Snow: He not need crackers! He say NO!

Meanwhile, O'Malley's chomping away happily on the second helping, which he definitely did want. Poor Snow. Confusion is no fun.


shoeaddict said...

Looooove when you tell us what the kids say! That Snow White is alsways funny :)

And O'Malley loves those crackers.

GodwinFamily said...

At least, for O'Malley's sake, you know the difference between his No's and Yes's!