Friday, July 18, 2008


So I pose this question:

If you couldn't read, which of these would you assume is the strawberry cereal?

Why do they insist on putting pictures of strawberries on the spoon when it's a "healthier" kind of cereal? Is it supposed to illustrate that you'll need to add something to make it taste better, or what? I had the hardest time trying to explain to Snow White and Ariel that the OTHER one was strawberry flavored, and that the corn bran doesn't actually have any strawberries in the box. They didn't believe me at all, of course, and why would they? I mean, look at the box. People trying to sell you things are always telling the truth, right?

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GodwinFamily said...

Aerial wanted some Wheat Thins when we were at the store a few weeks ago. She opened them only to be disappointed because there wasn't any cheese in the box. The picture on the front has cheese on the wheat thins. She was not a happy little girl! The pics on the front of the boxes are confusing to kids!