Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss Marie

Marie is back! She had gone home for the summer and I wasn't sure if we would get to see her anymore, but it turns out that we do. She'll be here until around October when her mama goes on maternity leave and she gets to go home with her new little sister.

She has learned about four hundred words since she left in May. It's like we got a different person back- a total conversationalist. She's told me her little sister is sleeping in Mommy's tummy, not ready to wake up yet. It's so cute. She remembers all the routines and has slipped back into the rhythm of our day very easily. No transition needed at all, which is very nice.

I need to take some new pictures of her because her hair has gotten really long too.

This week begins the season of changes that we have going on- I have eight kids just for this week, then next Monday Belle will go off to kindergarten and I'm back to seven. At the end of September I'm getting a delicious teeny squishy six week old, who is currently one week old. I'll post pictures of her once I get permission from her mama. She's so greasy and wonderful. :)