Friday, August 22, 2008

Sharing: Toddler Style

Scene: Breakfast

Me: hey Sebastian, you want some more nectarine?
S: NO!
Me: What happened to yours? Did you eat it?
S: NO! Yucky. I give to Dooce. (that's his stab at saying O'Malley's name, which is not really close to the real thing, but is cute.)

I look over and sure enough, O'Malley has a double-sized portion of nectarine and is snacking away happily.

Me: Sebastian, if you don't want to eat it, just leave it on your plate. Don't give your food to your friends, okay?

As I go to the sink, I hear:

Ariel: O'Malley, you want my nectarine too? I give to you.

Why can't they share toys this nicely?

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GodwinFamily said...

Why are both of the kids in the story my children? :-) I can't believe Sebastian has found a food that he refuses to eat! Ariel doesn't surprise me. She only eats bread and peanut butter for me.