Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

Well, I'm not sure if I feel better or worse about it, but I do believe I have discovered the identity of that small critter we saw in the backyard a few weeks ago. It did die, by the way. I kept an eye on it during the day and the last time I went out I had to get my shovel and dispose of it properly. And wash my hands twelve more times.

My sister had jokingly sent me an email saying that it perhaps was this creature:
Which it is not. But that jerboa thing? Weird. Never heard of one of those before.

So today during naptime I was working hard blog-surfing and catching up on the Pioneer Woman and I found pictures that look identical to my critter. It's not a mouse. Oh My Word. It was a


I think I'm really grossed out.

And yet strangely intrigued.

I called all the kids over to verify and they said YES!! That's our mouse!!

Then I showed them what it would grow up to look like and they were a bit alarmed. Duchess said, "Um, but it died, right? That thing is not in the yard, right?"



shoeaddict said...

UGH! *shivering*

People here eat those. We don't. I don't want to hear your comments though :) Funny story- we live in an old house that is up off the ground so you hear footsteps and noises easily. Luke used to work out of town a lot when we first moved here and I was alone. One night, I was sleeping and heard a noise on the porch. I was SO SCARED. It sounded like footsteps and then there was banging on the door.

I called my parents and 911 on my two seperate phones. The police got there and poked around with thier flashlights and guns. After about 5 minutes or so, they knocked on the door and told me that a gigantic possum was in the yard and they were sure he had been up on my porch. His little prints were all over! I was so emberrassed and grossed out.

The End.

Mary Beth said...

Yep, in Louisiana that and a squirrel would be a feasting good time.....mmm! But not at my house, my mom is a New Englander and has more sense that that to actually let us eat something like that!

GodwinFamily said...

And you touched that thing!! Ewwww!!!

steph said...

I feel your pain... our cat left a nice dead mouse on top of the recycling can for me today. Atleast it was small and not a huge possum.