Friday, August 1, 2008

What Is It?

There is a little something living inside the Little Tikes house in the yard. O'Malley and Snow White discovered it and both screamed- Snow ran out and O'Malley was stuck in there with it, afraid to get past it. I was worried it was a snake or something the way they were carrying on, but no. Small furry something.

I think it's a mouse- that seems most logical, but they're all convinced it's a rabbit. They say the ears are too long for a mouse. The body and fur look like mouse to me though.

It doesn't run away when you get close. I actually pet it when they weren't looking, after I told them all how dirty it probably was, and a wild animal, and under no circumstances were any of them to touch it. (and yes, I washed my hands....) I want to scoop it up and bring it in the house for a pet. I probably won't though. I'm guessing it's sick, or at least a runt of some litter, and I don't want to introduce the "death of a pet" thing just yet.

I know the pictures are blurry, it's hard to see it. It kept burrowing its face into the grass and then the camera wanted to focus on the grass instead of the animal. What do you think it is?


Loni said...

RODENT! GROSS! EEEK! Serious fear of those things, I have. I too, think it's a sickly mouse. YUCK!! MUST.GO.NOW!!!

Loni said...

But if the second picture is it's hind end, where is it's tail?

I am so creeped out I keep miss-typing words over here.

shoeaddict said...

It's not a rabbit.

GodwinFamily said...

It's a yucky, icky mouse. I can't believe you touched it!