Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Focus- Aurora

Wow, I went back to look at the last Focus on Aurora, and I could have written pretty much the exact same post today. She still loves to take her clothes off. Thankfully and knock wood, she seems to have moved out of the diaper removing stage though. Now it's the shirt. She's almost always topless when we get her up from her nap. Earlier this week she couldn't get her shirt over her head because it buttoned up the back, so she grabbed it like the Incredible Hulk and ripped that puppy down the front. It was quite impressive. Completely ruined.

She's really enjoying being a puppy dog these days. I think O'Malley's influence has rubbed off on a lot of the girls- there's tons of crawling around and barking going on here. I got a set of dog ear headbands and they like them a lot. The face may lead you to believe otherwise, but she gets very into it.

Her other new obsession is Mr. Potato Head. A few years ago I spent a bunch of supply fee money on LOTS of different accessory sets. We have the princess, R2D2, the safari with the monkey and elephant faces, the king, the doctor... the list goes on. (I keep telling myself we DON'T need the Easter bunny, even though we don't have it and it's currently available!) Aurora's favorite is the mermaid and she likes to wear the crown on her own head.

She will sit with Silvermist and Stitch for a good hour some mornings, making and remaking Potato masterpieces. I love to sit with them and hear the commentary on it. Sometimes it's very serious business and all features are in the correct place. Other times the goal is to make the weirdest thing possible, with arms and ears sticking out all over. It's nice to see some things never change.... (and oh wow, I think Snow White is about done with kindergarten now. I bet she is SO BIG now!)

And in major breaking news, she is wearing big girl panties at school for the first time today! Granted it's still early in the day, but so far things are going well.

Hmm. I started this the other day and things did not end up so well. :) We're still trying, but not successful so far. Lots of accidents. But hey, at least she's finally willing to sit and try. One of these days something will happen.

We had our first day of spring egg hunt yesterday and she had a great time running around and looking for eggs. Even more excited when she realized they had marshmallow bunnies inside. The girl is all about her junk food. We have a lot of time now where she sits on the potty and I'm her captive audience, so she was telling me this morning about her donuts and chocolate and "sparkles" (sprinkles, I think) and also how her dog at home eats poop but she doesn't because it is not tasty. Chocolate donuts are tasty. Poop is not.

Just so we're all clear.

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