Monday, March 14, 2011

Place Holder Post

I have skipped Friday Focus for three weeks. I know this. It's Silvermist's turn and I have written several fabulous posts in my head. When I come to the computer to put them down, I either can't remember them or can't locate the picture I wanted to put with it, or someone poops or needs their nose wiped. And the blog of the day challenge coming up next is pet peeves, which is a little daunting to write in relation to work. It's difficult to write things that bother you about your job when the people who make your job possible are reading. :) Oh wait! I have one- people who think it's really funny to teach their kids to wipe their snotty nose on the couch. Nobody here now does that, but we did have one a long time ago who did it on a regular basis and it was really gross. Mom just laughed. Not cool.

It's spring break here. Several of the kids are out all week and others are only coming a few days. So hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the blogging. Maybe I'll backdate Silvermist's post a week or two so I can write a few more as well.

If you need to know our days off and holiday schedule, please refer to the print out we gave you, or the link on the sidebar, or be friends with us on facebook because it's there too, in the discussion tab. We try to remind everyone of days as they come closer, but pickup and dropoff times are busy and we don't always get a chance to double confirm with each family. (Or sometimes we tell one parent, who then forgets to remind the other parent.) With multiple ways to check the calendar, I feel like it ought to be covered, and I dislike feeling guilty for inconveniencing people at the last minute because they didn't read the printed info and therefore didn't know. No matter what job you do, everybody needs a day off now and then to avoid burnout. We are better providers after the occasional short break, and you have the entire year's schedule by Christmas of the previous year. Please make use of it. Hmm. I guess I do have a pet peeve after all....

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