Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Friday" Focus: Silvermist

If I wait till Friday something will happen! I have a bit of time now and I'm thinking of it and that is indeed a miracle. And just as an aside, somebody got to this blog yesterday by googling a refrigerator color called Silvermist. Wonder what brand that is? I bet it's pretty, but nowhere as cute as OUR Silvermist. She dances! She sings! Her dimples are to die for!

This may be my all time favorite picture of her. Love those sparkly eyes and the crater dimples!

We do a lot of singing during meals. Now that I think of it, probably not the best idea, since my mother always used to tell me it was bad manners to sing at the table. It's the easiest way to keep everyone happy when mealtime begins and ends at different times for different kids though, so we sing. This was the "down came the rain" section of the itsy bitsy spider, if I remember correctly. Either that or "up came the sun". Not sure which.

The favorite activity for The Letters Are Lost has definitely been squishing out the toothpaste. I'm hoping nobody has tried to do it like Ramona Quimby, all into the sink. We had a big discussion about how this was special toothpaste JUST for art and should not be tried at home. She had a blast with it, although I'm pretty sure she got some in her hair. :)

She loves her some frosting. The cookie is merely a vehicle by which the shoveling takes place. I'm so happy that her food choices are opening up- she's been outgrowing a couple of her big allergies and tolerating more ingredients lately and it's AWESOME. I made our favorite chicken soup today for lunch and she was super excited that she can eat it again. She was the pixie girl I referred to in that post, when she was brand new and we didn't know the extent of what she could and couldn't eat. She jumped up and down and clapped. "OH!! I CAN EAT THIS SOUP?!?!" For the last couple weeks they've been paring down her diet to get baseline and do testing on what her tummy can handle, so it was constantly, "Please can you find me something I can eat?" with this pathetic little face. We made it through the rough times though and now we get chicken soup with rice. Life is good! Sometimes a bit muddy, but definitely good!

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Chrissy said...

Love, love, love your blog! Wow, she is a cutiepie :-)

I'm on spring break next week (teaching kindergarten in a Christian school) and can't wait to catch up on blog reading. I'll be back!