Friday, June 17, 2011

Comings, Goings, and Updates

Summer is always such a time of transition for us. Lots of people usually want to begin or end care in May, or else in August when school starts back, and lots of families have vacations or different summer work schedules or just changes going on. I've been trying to update the sidebar to reflect who's currently here, who we're expecting, and what's going on in general. We've had several interviews lately and several more pregnant ladies call to inquire about upcoming spots in the fall. It's sometimes hard for me to gauge when we'll have an opening since we don't have a graduation date that's carved in stone. I have a lot of provider friends who say they keep kids until their second or third birthday or some other date that's pre-arranged. It does make things much easier all around, I think, to know when graduations are looming so that spaces can be filled, and also so families know when to expect that their child will be moving on. We haven't done that up till now because we have our own small children here and it seems arbitrary to say we graduate at 3 when my 4 year old is here. I think once Tigger gets to be 2 or 3 though, we will institute a graduation date. Most families prefer to have their child in a more formal preschool-type setting for at least one year before starting kindergarten anyway.

Until then, we're trying to figure out who's staying and who's going. :) Bianca and Stitch have both gone home for the summer. Last summer when they did that things were slower and their spots were still available for them in the fall. If things keep up like they are so far this summer, that won't be an option this year. We're getting calls left and right! We've already got a new full time boy who I think will be Tarzan, and a new teeny girl starting August 1. This business is so fluid though- there's just no way to know if we'll actually be full when they want to come back. People move or get laid off or take their child to the new work-sponsored daycare that just opened or Grandma decides to watch them... so many variables.

But as of this minute, we have Tarzan and ... Alice, maybe? or Perdita? not sure what our newest baby girl's disney name will be. And Stitch and Bianca are currently in the former client list, but may be moved back. :)

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