Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday Focus- Alice

World, meet Alice. Alice, meet the world...

Well, maybe in a few minutes when you're done with your nap.

I don't have a whole lot of pictures of her just yet. My camera ran out of batteries a few days into her start here and I keep forgetting to buy more. We're having such a good time with her- she's had pretty much zero issues in transition and is a really content baby. I love her sunny little personality. When she first arrived she'd just look at you very seriously while deciding if she liked you. Usually you'd get the huge grin, but occasionally if something didn't meet her approval she'd give The Lip. The bottom one sticks out, it shakes, and you can't help but laugh. She's so happy now that we hardly ever see it anymore. I kinda miss it a little. Not that I want her to be upset, of course, but it really is a fabulous Lip. She's got great emotions- her smiles come out of nowhere and catch you off guard with their brilliance, and the sadness pretty much does the same thing.

We still haven't seen her roll over. Her mama says she's done it at home so I keep expecting to find her across the room at some point soon. So far she's staying where we put her and just hanging out. She loves watching the big kids and O'Malley and Silvermist especially like to talk to her. "OOH! Baby Alice smile at me! Baby Alice likes me! She so cute!" O'Malley likes to call her by her Full Official First and Middle Name, which I think is adorable with his little R and L speech issues. Her middle name has both sounds and he mutilates it pretty impressively.

Here she is on the butterfly mat she likes best. She was smiling really big for me and then she stuck her hands in her mouth right when I snapped the picture, so I didn't really get the full effect of the sunshine.

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Shoeaddict said...

OK, now you must tell me her first and middle names. And how O'Malley says them.

I like Alice- the name- I mean, the baby is great, too. How old?