Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Focus- Chip

I have even fewer pictures of Chip this time around than I usually do. None at all in the month of May. Finally found this one from April and couldn't figure out why it was such a weird angle, and then I realized O'Malley took it. I guess you can't expect miracles if you hand the camera to a four year old.

Chip has refused to talk to us for a really long time now- to the point where Roo's speech therapist has mentioned that she's never heard him say a word. Mrs. Potts tells us constantly how many new words he has every week, and while I didn't think she was lying, I was kind of thinking it might be the kind of thing where it was baby gibberish that only mama could understand. I mean, the kid said NOTHING to us. Point and grunt only. For months. No answers to questions, no commentary, nothing. If he absolutely had to make himself understood, he'd do this mime thing where he'd raise his eyebrows and mouth the words with zero sound.

Last week he decided to show us all the words he does in fact know. I was flabbergasted. The kid knows all his colors! He stood and watched me unload the dishwasher and pointed out each dish, named its color, and told me which friend uses that dish.

Plate. Orange. O'Malley.
Cup. Purple. Silvermist.
Plate. Green. Aurora.

He tells us about his sister and his mom and dad and asks us to read books and names the colors for everything. It's quite startling to go from 0-60 like this. Mrs. Potts is so pleased- it's like we just finally met the Chip who lives at her house. :)

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