Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Focus: Silvermist

Silvermist continues to entertain us all on a daily basis. She says some pretty outrageous things and they usually come out of nowhere, which makes them funnier. This morning she was in the kitchen trying to walk with a pink plastic phone between her knees. When I asked her why, she informed me that she had to put it somewhere, and she did not have any pockets in these shorts!

She's turned into my best eater lately. (Part of that is because Stitch is gone. There was nobody to touch her on sheer quantities eaten.) Mostly I think it's because her mom cooks the most like I do, being that we are both food allergy families. She isn't surprised by fruits and veggies, loves to try new things, and hardly ever tells me she doesn't like something. I'm going to start posting more recipes soon, because she goes home and asks her mom to cook all this stuff that I make. It's kind of fun. I'm more accustomed to the type of kid who professes to only eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs and wants to know why my mac and cheese isn't bright orange. I love that while I'm making lunch, Silvermist is usually standing right there by the cutting board begging for bell peppers or celery or whatever I'm chopping. Okay, well honestly I could deal with a bit more personal space. I've stepped on her a couple times because she sneaks up behind me very quietly. But she gets her veggies in, and the fact that she stands there munching makes a couple of the other kids do it too, even if they won't eat the lunch once it's cooked and plated.

Chip looks a bit shell shocked here. I think this hug was a sneak attack.

We're having Island Explorer summer- lots of islands and ships and pirates and treasures and seashells. Eyepatch day was a big hit for everyone.

"Did you take a picture of me? Why not? Take one of me! Do I look pretty? Let me see!"

And she just informed me that she has big snarls in her hair and so she has to go to the doctor. I'd like to see just what he plans to do about that...

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