Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Focus: Lady

And again I have to say, WOW time with a baby flies by. Lady is doing so many things that she wasn't the last time I wrote about her. She crawls, she pulls up, she is a woman on the go.

I was trying to take a picture since she and Alice matched, but she kept lunging at me. I couldn't get both babies in focus because the camera kept trying to adjust for her sudden movements. So it's not great of Alice, but look! Matching monkey girls!!

It's been really hard to get her to finish a bottle lately. She doesn't want to be held- clearly none of the big kids sit in our laps to eat. So why would she let us do it to her? And then when we try to lie her down in the boppy to eat, there are far more interesting things to do and people to see so she flips it over her head and is off like a shot.

Don't bug me. I'm busy. This toy tastes much better than the milk my mom works so hard to provide.

Yesterday she was sitting just like that on the kitchen floor while we were getting breakfast ready. The bigger kids were going back and forth between the playroom and dining room and she was just hanging out watching. All of a sudden she sneezed so hard that she lost her balance and threw herself over backwards. Banged her head on the tile. She was highly offended and let us know it. I couldn't stop laughing. It happened so fast there was nothing I could do to catch her- she was just laid out on the floor in a flash. Kanga came around the corner all set to put somebody in uh-oh sad time. "Did somebody push her over? What happened?" Nope. They were all standing around with wide eyes watching her sneeze herself right over.

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