Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life in the 100 Acre Woods- a Photo Essay

Kanga's kids have a typical love/hate sibling relationship. They hug, scream at each other, take toys and give them back... nothing too crazy there. However, they do run into different kinds of challenges since Roo isn't walking yet. She commando crawls lightning fast, and is making good progress on regular crawling. But Tigger can run. And Roo can't catch him. The pleasure this fact gives Tigger is nearly equal to the frustration and hatred I'm sure Roo feels. I can't help but laugh at them both though. And also take pictures.

Here we have Roo, currently minding her own business with the green pot. She's obsessed with the plastic broccoli (bwok-o-wee) lately and can often be found with kitchen utensils. You can tell the look on her brother's face is something like, "OH. Busted. Didn't know she was sitting there. I'm not guilty. Or planning anything. For reals."

Whether pre-meditated or spontaneous, the snatch occurs next. Roo tries, but alas, is not quick enough to grab it back.

He's singing into the pot at this point. It's not quite nanny nanny boo boo, but it's close. The look on her face makes me laugh. Defeat. She knows she could get down, but it would take awhile, and then what? Lick his ankles?

The boy runs. He squats; he laughs; he mocks. She appeals to me for help. I ask her, "How did Tigger make you feel?"

And there, my friends, is a picture worth 1000 words. Since she doesn't know to say, "I will cut you", I think it's perfect. :)

After I stopped laughing, I did make Tigger give his sister back her bwokowee pot. And then all was well again.

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