Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight Savings Stinks

The kids don't care that the clock has changed. Schedules have been so off as I look at the clock and they listen to their internal clocks. Usually I keep the playroom clock wrong on purpose for a few days just so I know what time they THINK it is. And I change all the other ones to the right time.

So Brinks, WHY does your alarm panel in my kitchen not update itself automatically? That's the clock I look at to see when it's time to make lunch. My poor babies keep asking when lunch will be ready, and I tell them in just a few minutes, it's only just almost noon.

but no, it's nearly one. And they're hungry. And I'm annoyed. No wonder the morning felt like it dragged a bit. it's a whole hour later than I thought it was. But the friendship soup is nearly done, finally, and everybody loves it, so that's a good thing at least. How sad for them if I was spending all this extra time making something they don't like.


Jamie said...

ok, I'm confused, pretty sure I know who you are... but in case I'm wrong, thanks for stopping by!

You asked about me not letting Avery wear a dress. Nothing big really, I like dresses, they just involve tights and dress shoes, and sweaters and it all gets very complicated for a girl who just strips as soon as I turn my back on her anyway :)

Oh, and way to go making the kids beg for lunch when they were STARVING! :) That's too funny!

Loni said...

Daylight Savings does smell...bad.

Are the kids better adjusted? I am not sure I am yet.