Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some Snow and Some Songs

I think it's going to be at least until tomorrow before it's 75 again and we get to play in the sandbox again like we did YESTERDAY. Because today it's snowing. WOO HOO crazy weather in this place.

I called all the kids to the window to come see the snow. Most everyone came running and started jockeying for position. Ariel started singing a little song:

"Oh, it's snowing!
The winterland is happy!
There's ice and snow and winter now
And oh we are so happy!"

Such a creative girl.

They all went back in the playroom and I kept making grilled cheese. I remember now why I never make it- they love it and want tons of it and it takes SO long on my griddle. Anyway, about ten minutes later Buzz comes in and freaks out.

HEY! Whoa! It's snowing!

I think he was excited about having the playroom to himself when everybody ran out so he didn't think to ask them what they were going to look at. :)

And now I finally have enough grilled cheese to appease the masses, so it's lunchtime. Stay warm.

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