Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Snippets

***Sebastian, running in from the playroom to tattle: "Hey! He ow me!" Oh, he hurt you? "Yes! I ow!"

***More on Sebastian- he loves Snow White. Lurves her. Carries her Valentine with her picture on it around the house on the weekends, I hear. When I put him down for a nap, he cries for her instead of his mom or me. Wants to be near her and make sure she is having a good time whenever possible. It's adorable. Flounder went through this about six months ago. And Snow's totally oblivious to the whole thing. The boys are just enough younger that they don't really register on her radar.

***We were talking about things that fly and Buzz was doing a great job telling me about woodpeckers and helicopters and things. I asked about butterflies (yes) and caterpillars (no) and then elephants. NO! Silly! Ephant don't fly! And being silly and contrary, I said, are you sure elephants don't fly? I think I might have seen one flying the other day. And he said, "OH! Bumbo! Yeah! Bumbo ephant fly ev'y time! I see him on the movie!"

***Ariel calls the PBS character "Clifford the red big dog" and it's amazing how different it sounds with just two words out of order. Throws me off but I love the way she says it.

***Last week we were playing barefoot in the sandbox. Today it's raining and yuck and 31 degrees. I much prefer last week.

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