Monday, March 31, 2008


We used to play a game called Sardines when I was a kid that was the reverse of Hide and Seek. One person would go hide, and then everybody else would look for them. If you found them, you hid with them. We'd move around and switch to places people had already looked, and by the end you'd have twelve people crammed into a teeny space, sweating, while one poor guy was wandering around the place all alone going "Hey guys? Where is everybody?" It was great for really big areas where you could spread out.

I was reminded of that today as we did our every-six-months required severe weather drill. I talked them through hearing the siren and everybody getting their drink and a blanket and we all marched into the laundry room, which is the only room in my house with no windows and no outside walls. There's seriously not a whole lot of room in there. But it was actually kind of fun. I took Owl Babies in there and we read it for the four hundredth time and after awhile they were telling me I should have brought some kleenex, and some snacks, and what about dinner? Could we just live in here forever? It's so much fun squashed in a three foot space!

At least hopefully they'll remember the next time I get inspected, when the guy asks if we do those drills. :) It's always bad to get a blank stare when he asks them about something I'm supposed to be doing, especially when we do it all the time!

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Loni said...

What a good day for a drill. The sirens actually did go off while we were at school. It was after school, but everyone who was left in the building was asking where to go and what to do. Thanks to the drills, I knew. I think that the siren was off by the time that we all actually got into place with all the doors closed, but it made me realize that they aren't so silly after all. :)