Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Focus- Tigger

Tigger was not even born when I started doing Friday Focus! I love getting to work new babies into our routines. And even more, I love that now he is finally letting me do that. He's almost five months old and it's only been the past couple weeks that I get smiles on a regular basis. Before that it was a variation of suspicious, scornful, or contemptuous. He's got amazingly expressive eyebrows and he can do crazy things with one or both of them. It makes the range of emotions a lot more extensive than you generally get with a baby this age. It's very funny.

His family calls him "the Sumo". He's beginning to grow into his cheeks a bit, but at first they took up his entire face. When you're born weighing eleven pounds, eleven ounces, there's nowhere to pack it on besides your face! It cracks me up that he's only gained about five pounds since he was born. He looks his age now, rather than everybody thinking he should be crawling when he was really only three days old.

We made a card for Father's Day using his footprints. He was not sure what to think about getting his feet painted blue but he was a good sport.

Then there are other things we've done to him that he's not been such a good sport about. He hated the watermelon with every fiber of his being.

He got to taste cereal for the first time here not too long ago. Kanga fed him while I played photographer. I love the look on his face in this one.

He's also working hard on learning to sit up. He hasn't quite mastered it yet. I think this is one of the times where the weight of the cheeks impedes him from further progress. Looks like they're making him top heavy.

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