Friday, August 6, 2010


We have done Tigger a grievous wrong this morning. At least that's what he told us in a number of ways- the screaming and flailing and trying to flee the scene, the spitting up at every opportunity, not to mention peeing all over Kanga as she laughed at his discomfort tried to see to his needs. I thought O'Malley was angry when we did this to him, and yes, he was. But the wrath of Tigger is fierce to behold as well.

You see, most days he loves his mother. He is content to fall asleep in her arms and all is well with his world.

This morning he got here, had breakfast, and was undressed...

only to be thrust into a warm and slimy place with sun in his eyes where life was unsettling and bad.

Clearly we are evil and must be punished. His mother's clothes are now in the washing machine due to their sogginess from various body fluids. He had a quick bath to get the juice off his backside and then finally I think we were forgiven.

He's currently sleeping peacefully in the living room. I expect him to be sacked out awhile; he's had a rough morning. :)


GodwinFamily said...

I had forgotten how mad O'Malley was at the watermelon. We only get 1 picture of Tigger? Boy, he was not a happy baby.

GodwinFamily said...

I meant only 1 picture of Tigger in the watermelon.

Daycare Girl said...

I have about ten just like that, and then three more where he was not being modest enough for the internet. There was no variation of facial expression, just much screaming. :)