Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Focus- O'Malley

Made it through the rounds of kids and here we are back at O'Malley. He is not at all approving of the idea that I plan to write about him again. "MOM! I don't want you to wite about me!" So I say, "But I want to show everyone pictures of how handsome you are!"

I can't call him cute anymore. He thinks only babies are cute and he is certainly not one of those. But he will allow me to refer to him as my handsome big boy. "Okay, mom, you can do that now. But then I want to play Plants V. Zombies okay? A couple minutes, then it's my turn next."

Saying this is a kid of the electronic age is an understatement. He can do anything on my iPhone. He has sent Kanga's husband (who happens to share his name) numerous texts and emails because he can type his own name and then it pulls Mr. Kanga up. He'll tell me, "it's a free app! just download it!" He has a super heroes laptop that he got for his birthday and he's perfectly happy to sit and mess with it, doing addition problems and making words and earning fractals to save the princess or whatever that thing is supposed to do. He plays Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. Blue Toad is his character of choice.

He still has his imaginary doggies, and since I posted about that we've acquired a collection of invisible cats as well. The dogs go with us on most outings. The cats generally are either sleeping or on the sad wall. They can't seem to behave themselves. I like the way he usually projects his feelings about stuff onto the dogs. He is not scared of things, but the dogs are scared. The dogs don't want to try that dinner. The dogs think we should stay up and watch a movie.

As of yesterday he also has an eleven year old sister named Anna. I have no idea where that came from but he has talked about her a lot today. He keeps saying it's HIS sister and not Duchess's, which annoys her deeply because she wants another sister and the irrefutable logic of genetics insist that it SHOULD be her sister too. He disagrees.

When I was pregnant with him my mom said she felt like he was going to have a heart of compassion and she was completely right on the money. He is so sweet with babies. I love watching him with our smallest kiddos. He loves Tigger.

"Hey! That's me! I give Baby Tigger a kiss! Are you done now? Can I get on Webkinz?"

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