Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Focus- Hercules

Hercules turned one recently and is On The Move in a big way. He's definitely got some of the Napoleon complex thing going on right now. It is so funny to me that almost every baby does that once they learn to walk. The Pink Ladies are learning pretty quickly that Hercules is not "Baby Hercules" anymore and they run from him. "Hercules hit me! Hercules sit on my fingers!" Yes. Yes, he will do that at every opportunity, grinning the whole time. Not a malicious thought in his mind, you understand. Just temporarily drunk with power.

He's working on the transition from infant feeding to toddler meals- although he would still prefer the bottle and hates watching us make them for Tigger and the new baby, he's finally decided that the sippy cup is okay. The grownup food is still touch and go though. Sometimes he'll eat it and sometimes he looks at it like we're trying to give him a cow pattie. He does like to play with the spoon though, and he'll eat if we feed it to him. So the next step is feeding himself. He doesn't seem to like getting his hands dirty much. He'll eat breakfast stuff like waffles or cereal, but doesn't want to dig into squishy stuff. Which is sensible in many ways- just unlike many of his friends who eat rice with both hands and refuse to use a fork. :)

He's also working on switching from a morning nap to an afternoon nap. It's about every other day right now- if we let him stay up on Monday to play with the big kids and eat lunch and then take a rest in the afternoon, he's happy for the one day, and then ready for bed by 9:30 Tuesday morning. Then up Wednesday, although by lunchtime he's pretty tired! :)

He was in a deep sleep by the time lunch was over- so much that he didn't even wake up when Kanga changed his pants and put him in bed. It was pretty funny.

Hercules is all rough and tumble boy. He's having a great time running around and climbing on things and showing off his new teeth. Every morning that he gets a chance, he's trying to bite through orange peels. (I've written about that here, when Aurora was doing it.) I actually ended up taking a plastic orange away from him and telling him that wasn't acceptable one day. He looked at me quite scornfully and was pleased to get it back with an apology once I realized he wasn't K-Paxing a real one. :) Silly goose.

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