Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Focus- Esmeralda

Who, me?

Esmeralda and Tinkerbell spend lots of time pestering each other and rolling on top of one another.

Miss Esme... she is such a cheerful girl, and oh so fashionable. She has leg warmers, and also pacifiers that announce her as Punk Princess. She's always dressed to the nines and tops it off with a smile. I love when she gets especially excited- she pants like a dog, with her tongue hanging out and her hands flapping with glee. It's awesome to watch. Most times though, she's very ladylike. She takes small bites of food and eats slowly and carefully. She's observant and watches everybody like a hawk. I have a dangle ring and she's the only baby who ever notices it. It's hard to feed her because she keeps trying to grab it. Likes the accessories better than the food, I guess. :)

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