Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Focus- Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a pretty hardcore sleeper. Sometimes it takes her a few minutes to get settled, but once she does, she kind of looks like she's sleeping off some sort of binge. I LOVE when she falls asleep with things near her. It's hilarious. A bottle in your eye? No worries. Sleeping too hard to even notice.

She and Esmeralda do the tandem nap sometimes, if they both end up drifting off while they're eating. Otherwise one of them rolls over into the other's kicking range and cries while her friend beats her up. Either that or they get on their tummies and stare suspiciously at each other.

She was very upset with me because Kanga was working on getting her breakfast, way too slowly, evidently... she was trying very hard to pull a Dorothy the dinosaur and eat all my red roses. Caught her with a petal in her hand that she'd yanked off and took it away right before she could get it in her mouth. How dare I deprive her of nature?

Oh, Tinkerbell. Your rolls are so delicious. Even YOU like to eat them.

This headband would not stay where it belonged. It took a pretty long time for it to make her mad though- mostly she just looked perplexed as it slid lower. She's a good sport about stuff like that.

She's started waving hello and goodbye recently, and I got my first hug when she came in last Monday morning. So fun! A real hug with little squishy arms tight around my neck. Love that.

She hates to be alone and loves the bustle of kids swirling around her. She always takes her first nap of the morning on the living room floor while we're watching tv and getting breakfast and hollering. Things are loud and crazy and she totally digs it. It's usually her best sleep of the day. If she's awake, she's gotta be where the action is. She protests very loudly if we try to go do art or read a book or anything in the other room where she can't see us. As of this week, she's up on all fours rocking back and forth, so I think it won't be long at ALL before she's wicked fast, crawling all over and keeping up with the big kids. A woman on a mission. :)

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