Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Focus- Lilo

Lilo is a princess. She tells us this on a regular basis. She cannot clean because she is a princess. She doesn't want to eat that food because she is a princess. She needs to play dress up now because why? Yes. She is a princess. Usually I say "Yes, not a policeman." She of course doesn't get the Kindergarten Cop reference and just looks at me funny, but it makes me happy anyway so I keep doing it.

As a self-proclaimed princess, there are certain things that she expects of the others, especially the boys. "Flik, I will dance now. You will dance with me."

"No." Nicely, but still no. He backs away.

"Then you will watch me dance. I dance now." And off she goes, twirling around so closely to him that his escape routes are blocked. Therefore he watches her dance. I hate to tell her this will probably never change.

Anything that has previously happened was "lasterday". This is one of my all time favorite made-up kid words, I think. I have a feeling it will become standard verbiage around here long after she graduates.

Her moods change in an instant. Three has been harder than two for her by FAR. She's coming up on four though, so I hope to see this expression on her face a tiny bit less. :)

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apeterman said...

Yay! I love it, and I love the last picture of her with the hat!