Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Focus- Flik

Flik!! Next week is actually going to be his last week with us, so this is a spotlight/ wrap up/ we hope you have a great time at your new school kind of a post. The reality of this business is that we have to make room whenever one of us has a baby... so since Flik is the oldest of the bunch, he really is ready to move on to a big kid school and thus make space for Tigger. I'm guessing this may be the last time we'll have this particular issue though. With two kids each, I think Kanga and I are both done. But that's totally off-topic. :) He's going to have an awesome time at his new place with more kids his own age. Mixed age groups in a family setting are fabulous when you're little, but as they get bigger, they want the structure that being in a group with everybody your age can provide.

Flik. He cracks me up. He loves our iPhones with a great and abiding love. As soon as anybody walks through the door, he's checking out the situation. What kind of phone do you have? Does it play games? Can *I* play games on your phone? Nothing makes him happier than when we say yes, and if we say no, he just nods wisely and says, "We gotta be patient and wait for your phone...."

Can I play on your phone now? No? Okay. Be patient...

He and O'Malley are on the same t-ball team and so we hear a lot of discussion on technique, and witness a whole lotta "practice". Today the practice consisted of using the baseball bats like light sabers against each other. I feel for Coach Mike. He's got some work ahead of him. But at least they've got the "step and THROW!!!" part of it down.

Here he is enjoying a baseball cookie from O'Malley's birthday last week.

Can I play on your phone now? I be patient....

Flik doesn't take home very many art projects. He's perfectly happy to sit and listen and spout off all the information we learn- he knows ALL about mammals and remembers all kinds of details. But up till recently he hasn't been big on coloring, and he loves scissors to the point that his project is confetti. Generally once the scissors come out, there's no way there's gonna be enough left of the paper to make it home. That's not a big deal for me- I love process, not product. Especially when they're little and learning the motor skills, it's better to have them do what they like to do instead of worrying about what it's going to look like at the end. But! All of a sudden I think it's clicked. He cut out his hyena nearly perfectly and colored it too. He was so proud!

I play your iPhone now? :)

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Brian said...

thank you so much for this! we are all so grateful that he was placed in your daycare. i will be so sad to see him leave & move on. we might have to come visit every now & then. i hope that i can make it out to a practise here & there. thank you for all that you've taught him. and thank you for sharing your iphone.