Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bite Me.

Can I just go on record as saying that biting is my very least favorite of all the bad habits of toddlers? I would rather deal with just about anything else than that.

We haven't had a serial biter here in years. The last one was about five years ago and we ended up having to ask him to leave- his father even came to shadow him for the day and try to redirect him so it wouldn't happen. He was sitting IN HIS DADDY'S LAP and still leaned over and bit somebody on the face.

So. O'Malley just bit somebody. And I think he must have done it once last week too when I didn't catch him. And I can't fire him because he's my kid. Right now I want to though. I HATE BITING. I feel awful. Solitary confinement is imminent. A buckle chair on the sad wall. For a long time.


GodwinFamily said...

Poor sweet baby O'Malley! How do you curb the biting habit? Luckily mine didn't bite although Sebastian did hit for awhile. Now I just have to deal with being sassed!

Shoeaddict said...

I'm shocked that this sweet, sweet boy would do such a thing! :) or actually, :( My brother bit me REALLY bad once when we were young. He was a bad biter.

What do you so when that happens? You tell the other parent that their child got bit?

Daycare Girl said...

Hmph. Poor sweet O'Malley nothing. Poor Simba!

I pretty much reserve my fiercest words and voice for biting- I hate it worse than anything. NO! NO!! WE DO NOT BITE! THAT HURTS!

And since it's my kid, I pushed his lip down onto his teeth so it made him bite himself. He cried longer than Simba did and was very upset that he got in so much trouble. Hopefully it will be memorable enough that it won't happen again.