Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mr. Scamp

Scamp's been here going on two weeks now and is settling in nicely. He's about a month older than Simba and their real names rhyme. It's kind of funny- they're always playing together and they both turn around when I call one of their names because they're similar.

The disney Scamp is the cute puppy of Lady and the Tramp, in case you wondered where I got the name. It's this guy:

I love his eyes and his cute bouncy energy. Reminds me of our boy. :)

Scamp and Simba stuffing coins in the piggy bank and both looking up when I call one of them.

Riding the scooter out in the backyard.

He's got the longest eyelashes I've ever seen on a kid. Totally adorable.

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Shoeaddict said...

He is so beautiful!