Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Sounds Normal To Us

Transitioning from the corporate world to the daycare life has been fun for Kanga. (We decided to call her Kanga, and her little girl Roo. So cute! I had originally called her Mulan but it doesn't fit her as well and this way they match. Now we just need to think of something to call me.) Anyway, Kanga was talking about how there are so many things we say at work every day that are perfectly normal, appropriate, teachable moments... and if you heard them at work anywhere else you'd be really alarmed or at least do a double take. We thought we'd make a list.

  • Please put your pants back on.
  • No, wait, your underwear is inside out. Take it off and fix it first.
  • Panties are private.
  • Did you just LICK him? Really?
  • Nobody needs to see your belly.
  • What is that wet spot on your clothes?
  • What is that smell? is that you?
  • Stop sitting on his head.
  • Quit licking your snot. You need a kleenex.
  • Don't put your hands in other people's pockets!
  • It makes your ear feel wet when you put celery in it.
  • How did you get meat between your toes?
We'll keep a running list- I know there are tons of things that happen every day that make us laugh. :) What else have you heard from kids lately? Or what has come out of your mouth that surprised you?

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GodwinFamily said...

Those are hysterical. Any other time I could think of strange things I have said to my kids but I can't right now. I'll try to think of some. I'm sure I know who you frequently tell their underwear is inside out. :-) How does he not notice that?