Monday, April 6, 2009

Personnel Change!

It occurs to me that if I'm going to keep introducing new kids, I really need to mention the fact that there's a new Daycare Girl here too. As the list of kids gets longer, it looks more and more crazy that I would be here by myself with all these babies. I'm a licensed facility, so I can have up to 12 kids if there's a second adult here. We're working on getting up to 12. I like switching things around every now and then, and I've been working by myself for the last four years. For three years before that, I did daycare at my mom's house and the two of us had 12. It was FUN. I love finding somebody else who loves kids and can help plan fun activities, and let's face it, it's nice to have somebody to talk to during the day who doesn't expect me to wipe some sort of bodily fluid off of them. :)

My weird sense of humor wants to give us mean Disney names, like the two evil stepsisters or a couple of villains. But that's probably not the best idea. I don't really want to go around being Cruella. I'll probably just still be Daycare Girl, and I'll ask her what she wants to be when she gets here. She's got a little girl who's in between Aurora and Bianca in age, so it works out well. I'm looking forward to lots of fun times.

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Mary Beth said...

Have fun Daycare Girl I and II!