Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I received an email with this link in it yesterday, advising daycare providers about protecting against the swine flu. I thought it might be helpful to post. We are ordinarily quite diligent with the handwashing and disinfecting, but please be reassured that we are trying to be extra careful right now!

It seems like the symptoms are very similar to just regular flu that would be no big deal in general situations- but please, if your child seems to be feeling off, take them to the doctor as a precautionary measure. And note that it says kids must be kept out of daycare for an entire week *after* the fever is gone if swine flu is suspected or present.

We really need a zero tolerance policy on this issue..... don't travel out of the country or bring us a sick child, please!

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Mary Beth said...

I hope they let us back into the country this summer! Ug!