Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yum. We agreed we were in the mood for something substantial for breakfast today. Of course, that meant lots of cooking and oven time and we didn't finish eating until a little after 10. Oh well. I made a breakfast casserole with tater tots, bacon, eggs, cheese, and onions. It was very tasty. Ariel and Sebastian picked the bacon out and wouldn't try the rest, but everybody else loved it and there's none left.

The littler "big kids" really got into it-

Scamp had three helpings and ate with great zest. It was quite the job to clean him up after he was done. :)

Aurora doesn't look particularly excited here, but I caught the picture right after she finished smiling. I picked a few plain tater tots out and broke them up for her, along with some chunks of apple. I don't think she actually got much in her mouth, but she sure loves sitting in a chair and getting to eat the same food as all the bigger kids.

Simba, eating well as usual.

And in other news, I'm working on updating the sidebar links- I'm going to write an updated post on each kiddo with pictures and link them. So I took that part down and I'll be putting it back up gradually as I get a chance.

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