Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bulletpoint List

I do enjoy a nice list from time to time.

  • Bianca got her ears pierced over the weekend and I am absolutely paralyzed by the cuteness. Pictures soon.
  • We have yet another new friend! He's pretty close to Simba's age.
  • Only two more openings left now, and five people have called asking about the spots. It will be interesting to see who we end up with.
  • I'm hopeful it will be dry enough in the yard to go out today. I got a huge new set of bubble wands and a jug of bubbles last week and the kids are frothing at the mouth to get out there and spill it all over themselves play with the bubbles.
  • I still need to do an introduction post for Chip. He's Belle's little brother, so I thought Chip (like the little teacup, not the rescue ranger) was a good name. :)

1 comment:

GodwinFamily said...

Oh, another little, wittle baby?! I might have to take a day off work just to come play with every one! They are all so cute.